Curator—Curatorial Studies Towards Co-creation and Multiple Agencies


  • Erin A Peters University of Pittsburgh



Curation, Pedagogy, Agency, Museum Studies, Egyptology


Erin A. Peters reflects on her objectives as a curator and educator, and the agency of museum visitors as co-creators.

Author Biography

Erin A Peters, University of Pittsburgh

Erin Peters is Joint Lecturer in Curatorial Studies at the University of Pittsburgh and Assistant Curator in Science and Research at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Peters holds a M.A. in Egyptology, a M.A. in Museum Professions, and a Ph.D. in art history, for which her dissertation, “Egypt in Empire: Augustan Temple Art and Architecture at Karnak, Philae, Kalabsha, Dendur, and Alexandria,” won the 2015 University of Iowa D.C. Spriestersbach Dissertation Prize in the Humanities and the Fine Arts. While completing dissertation research, Peters was a Metropolitan Museum of Art Chester Dale Fellow in the Department of Egyptian Art where she was the primary researcher for the Digital Department’s MediaLab and Egyptian Art collaboration, “Color the Temple.” The collaboration (re)colored the Augustan temple of Dendur using projection mapping technology to engage museum visitors by showing the temple in a way it had yet to be seen at the Met – in (virtual) color. The Met’s project is an example of the kind of collaborative work that Peters hopes to build on in working towards a robust museum profession for the future.




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Peters, E. A. (2016). Curator—Curatorial Studies Towards Co-creation and Multiple Agencies. Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture, 5(1), 122–128.