Data (after)Lives at the University of Pittsburgh: A Constellations Exhibition in the University Art Gallery

Alison Langmead, Paulina Pardo Gaviria


This brief essay presents the exhibition Data (after)Lives, which was held in the University Art Gallery at the University of Pittsburgh from September 8 to October 14, 2016. This show was the culmination of a year’s work between the Department of History of Art and Architecture (HAA) and several outside collaborators. It was produced within the Constellations model of research and teaching that is fundamental to the workings of the HAA department as well as to the Visual Media Workshop, the digital humanities lab directed by Alison Langmead (, the lead curator of Data (after)Lives. This essay gathers together a few texts produced for the exhibition and presents the experience of working on the show, which was produced by an exceptional group of people, all of whom brought fantastic insight and energy to the project. The online exhibition of Data (after)Lives: The Persistence of Encoded Identity is currently on view at the University Art Gallery website (


Digital Humanities, curatorial, exhibition, data

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