Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture

Contemporaneity is an open access journal that publishes scholarly and artistic explorations of how the complexities of being in the world have found visual form throughout time. Based in the department of the History of Art & Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh, and emerges from its innovative constellations program. We publish question-driven research that resonates across disciplines, interrogating diverse visual material from across time using multiple methods. Our editorial board seeks to:

  • Adhere to high publishing standards that preserve the integrity of scholarship

  • Bring junior and senior scholars and editors together through a constructive, double-blind peer-review process

  • Generate content of lasting intellectual interest to emerging and tenured scholars

  • Provide a forum for junior and senior scholars to develop under-researched topics and experimental methodological approaches

  • Make scholarly writing free and accessible online

  • Lead critical discussions around current publications and developments in curatorial and artistic practice in flexible formats.

  • Link art historical practice to a global discussion of visual cultures across disciplinary and methodological boundaries.

  • Encourage non-traditional formats


OUT NOW: EDITION 6, BOUNDLESS: Art and Identification Across Borders

Boundless assembles articles, curatorial statements, artist interviews and portfolios, and book and exhibition reviews that cover a wide range of issues with an emphasis on the complexity of art and identification in time and space. In volume 6, authors explore how concepts, categories, and limits of identity have been constructed in different historical moments either through the arts or about artists. 

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